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Astronomy is a science that inspires everyone, which makes it a great tool for expanding scientific literacy. It also has a uniquely powerful ability to make us aware of Earth’s value and fragility. And by inspiring people to engage in citizen science, astronomy fosters not only scientific research but also collaborative knowledge-building that is based on a dialogue between experts and amateurs. This reinforces a general understanding and trust in science among the population at large, and allows us to join together to meet our common challenge: the threat that may be coming straight at us.

Experts are aware of and are testing solutions to the dangers created by asteroid impacts as well as other existential threats such as pollution of the environment and climate change, but our progress in these areas is painfully, perhaps even dangerously, slow.



On top of the difficulties inherent in internationally coordinated action, we also face confusion, misconceptions, and distrust—sometimes well-justified distrust—even among leaders with good intentions. This wastes vast amounts of time and energy that could otherwise be used to meet our challenges.

Thankfully, the seeds of a solution have already been sown: As illustrated by the vast catalogue of projects from SciStarter and, citizen science is poised to become an integral part of how scientific research is accomplished in the future. This is exciting not only because of the phenomenal discoveries it has and will yield, but because it gets non-professionals involved in the building of knowledge. Each of these projects expands and deepens understanding, familiarity, and trust in what science and technology are.

Astronomy has a leadership role to play in this future, not just because of its ubiquitous appeal, but also because it is necessary if we are to protect life on our planet against a near-Earth object impact, and because of its unique capability to inspire an acute awareness of the value and uniqueness of the Earth in that vast universe where Planet B still remains to be found, let alone reached.


We see what can be achieved in the work of the citizen astronomers of the Unistellar Network, who have helped guide NASA’s Lucy spacecraft on its journey to the Trojan asteroids, in the work of more than 12 million exoplanet observations analyzed by citizen scientists through Planet Hunters, and through Globe at Night, where citizen scientists have made over 200,000 measurements of night-sky brightness from 180 countries worldwide. 

The astronomical community has demonstrably benefited from these projects, and its members know that many more amateurs can be productively included in the future.

Therefore, we, the undersigned, are committed to support and foster a New Astronomy, which aims to make traditional astronomy a more efficient science, more inclusive and open to as many people as possible, and more collaborative as a global, multi-entity partnership. We thus support every action that:

  • Makes astronomy more accessible and engaging.
  • Promotes science literacy.
  • Invites new populations to participate in the building of astronomical knowledge.
  • Uses new populations to accelerate research and popularize support and trust in science.

With these goals in mind, we are calling for the creation of an in-person and virtual global conference that seeks to develop, foster, and encourage initiatives that bring astronomy to broader audiences, establishing programs and partnerships across both the public and private sector, developing new ways to discover and contribute to space-related research, and beginning the process of building meaningful ties between professional scientists and the general public.

Sign the Call for a New Astronomy

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Seti Institute


List of signatories

Mr. Timothy Gagnon

🖼 Artist

I support any effort to increase awareness and/or public participation in science.

Mr. Roderick Woodruff

Urban Video Game Academy Artz

We need to provide more information and education to the final frontiers and the possibilities that they hold.

Dr. Stephen Bannister

University of Utah

The Call opens new opportunities to wonder at and contribute to one of the great adventures in all of our history --- exploring the mysteries of our Universe. And, often, significant advances in science will result.

Dr. Margaret Loose

University of California San Diego

I'm an amateur astronomer whose participation in pro-am collaborations has spread the knowledge and interest in astronomy to my family, neighbors, and friends, so i know this works. I'm also a woman who wants to see women and people who are queer, of color, and/or with disabilities embracing and practicing science, to allow humanity to tap into ALL of its potential.

Paul Dalba

University of California & SETI Institute

At one point or another, every human will gaze at the night sky and wonder about their place in the universe. Such is the transcending power of Astronomy. I support the call for New Astronomy with the goal of sharing the scientific journey that has shaped my life with as many other people as possible.

Dr. Emilie Dunham


I believe in this project and want to support in any way I can! I am a huge fan of citizen science and agree that inspiring people to engage in astronomy is important.

Luana Melnek dos Anjos

Student / City College of San Francisco

Because I am woman, latinx, first generation scientist, taking on the journey to educate myself becoming an astrophysicist in the US and would like to support communities I am part of in the process.

Dr. Himanshu Mathur

Stargazers Astronomy club, Ahmedabad

Intrested in contributing towards science at large, at promoting astronomy at all levels...

David Ewart, Jr

Stanza International Academy

As a long time supporter of SETI and former planetarium. I support the organizations mission.

Rabi Boundi

Space Impulse

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” - Carl Sagan

Mr. Raymond Dominguez

South University

I am dedicated to the Cosmos and this New Astronomy. I desire whole heartedly to contribute all I can to aid in our understanding of the Cosmos and other Intelligent Life Forms. 369 Godspeed

Mr. Michael Kieran

Sky Docent LLC

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”

Daniel Peluso

SETI Institute & University of Southern Queensland

As an educator, I believe that science education can help improve our world. Our cosmic perspective allows us to see ourselves as tiny inhabitants of a small pale blue dot in the deep abyss of space. This perspective is not only inspiring and humbling, but can also help us to possibly see past our differences on the way to a more peaceful world.

Additionally, young people, especially in underserved areas and populations, are too often not given access to quality inquiry-based science education nor are they given many opportunities to be moved by the inspirational power of astronomy and the cosmic perspective. Empowering young women and men with the technological skills of tomorrow through the lens of the cosmic perspective will strengthen and brighten the future of our planet.

A new astronomy has the power to help us achieve some of these noble goals. It should also give teachers more opportunities for engaging and inspiring science education experiences for our students, especially in our underserved populations.

Franck Marchis

SETi Institute & Unistellar

We have entered a pivotal moment in technology when everybody can contribute meaningfully to science. With this call, we propose to create a more efficient astronomy, more inclusive and open to as many people as possible, creating global collaboration. While we have not yet found planet B, we are in this together with one world and one sky.

Ms. Jacqueline Cenci-McGrody


I believe as individuals we should seek to develop, foster, and encourage initiatives that bring astronomy to broader audiences, whereby, establishing programs and partnerships across both the public and private sector.

Mr. Travis MacClendon


I am interested in astronomy in general and the probability of life off earth.

Mr. Pranav khadkotkar

Savitribai phule Pune university

I support this initiative as there is a need for astronomy related initiatives to reach every corner of the world.

Mr. Rayhan Masood

Royal Bank Of Canada


The passion and interest for Astronomy has always been in my heart. Being an individual who is not directly working in, or related to the field of Astronomy, I felt like it was my duty to support this call to make Astronomy and Science more inclusive and open to as many people as possible. I am not sure how much justice a textbox will do, but I whole heartedly appreciate this opportunity to hear the call of people who support this call.

Astronomy is something I have felt as strongly about in my life, as the will to live. There is nothing more profound and rewarding as knowledge and understanding of who we are in the cosmos. When I was a young teen, I was given Carl Sagan's "The World that Came in the Mail" to read. Since then, the words of Dr. Sagan's short little story about the preservation of ecosystems and life on Earth have echoed in my mind. I wondered as a child, why is there war? Conflict? When we could be focusing our energy on things that matter. Like scientific research, preservation and exploration of our universe. Up until that point in my life, I had no knowledge of Astronomy, despite having this intrinsic scientific voice that would childishly and continuously wonder about various subjects of Astronomy and physics.

As I grew older, I made endeavors to introduce myself into the field of Astronomy, but due to financial and practical reasons I never put my heart into pursuing a full fledged career in Astronomy or Science. I regret it now. It has been the sole interest of mine for a long time and it is a little heart-wrenching to be pursuing a different career path completely outside of Astronomy. I'm 30 years old, with a degree in Statistics and currently a Manager of a Business Intelligence team at a Bank in Toronto, Canada. I am not sure how tangible my skills are, but if somehow, someway, in the future there is a call for normal citizens to contribute in any way possible just know that I will be there. I would even quit my job to be a janitor at NASA or SETI, or any institute that shares my love of Astronomy - Just so I can be there. Just so I can see with my own eyes. Being from Canada, the prospects of a job in the field of Astronomy are slim to none but the opportunity to sign this call, and make our voices heard gives me hope that maybe some time in the future there will be a voice that reaches out from the darkness.

Astronomy and understanding of it, is something that is completely beneficial for the human race. In a way, it is the mirror that we see our reflections in, similar to how our pets react when they see themselves in the mirror. It's the catalyst of intrinsic thought and self-actualization that needs to be brought to the people of Earth. Although we're in the year 2022, this is surprisingly not common but as Carl Sagan said, “We've arranged a society based on science and technology, in which nobody understands anything about science technology. And this combustible mixture of ignorance and power, sooner or later, is going to blow up in our faces."

It's not fair that there are less than 150 Career openings per year in Astronomy for all of North America. It's not fair there are less than 10,000 professional Astronomers world-wide when the love of Astronomy has been secretly programmed into every one of us. It just needs to be brought out of us with the proper exposure. There are many people on this planet who are not scientists, who do not have credentials or degrees in this field, or any sort of guidance, but have the dedication, intelligence, and aspiration to contribute in any way possible. I will always be available in any way, to offer anything I have, for the advancement in the field of Astronomy which is why I support this call. And I will never be the only one.

Mr. Dan Corcoran

Royal Astronomical Society of Canada

Scientists have lost the trust of large segments of the population by ignoring the need to translate and communicate their processes and findings into the language of the common people. As amateur astronomer for 5 decades, I’ve learned how to rebuild trust. Let’s do that by engaging new people in citizen based science who can share scientific discovery in the common language of their non-scientist peers.

Mr. Jayant Ganguly

Regional Science Centre and Planetarium Calicut

I subscribe to the objectives of this campaign:

- Makes astronomy more accessible and engaging.
- Promotes science literacy.
- Invites new populations to participate in the building of astronomical knowledge.
- Uses new populations to accelerate research and popularize support and trust in science.


Planetario Aventura

Astronomy is so important it must be accessible to everyone. Fixed and mobile planetariums got to make sure everyone has access to them.

Mr. Ivan Testart

Photonics France

« Il faut rallumer les étoiles »

Jeremiah Kinandi

Papua New Guinea National Weather Service

I'm supporting this because it is a great initiative and an Astronomy is something that I'm passionate about.

Mr. Philippe ARNAUD


because I believe looking up high in the sky could make you want to look closer and take more care of our planet

Dr. Tanya Harrison

Outer Space Institute

I believe that science literacy is critical, especially in today's world of rampant misinformation. People everywhere should be encouraged to be curious, ask questions, and be a part of science and exploration—and space is a fantastic avenue for that since the sky is there for everyone.

Shawn Jacobsen

Ohio State University

Distributed contribution to research as important as astronomy is key to future development and insights.

Dr. Anaël Wünsche

Observatoire des Baronnies Provençales

I am astrophysicist working for the private observatory of Baronnies Provençales and trying to form a group of scientist and technician at the observatory mandated to do outreach, research and trainnings in collaboration with public, amateur astronomers and public laboratories and universities around the world. We are well engaged in that process for some years now and it feels natural to enhance the global new view of astronomy and citizen science.

Mr. Marc Bretton

Observatoire des Baronnies Provençales

New Astronomy vision is a powerfull tool to consider the Sky at Night as a sustainable ressource to help people of all kind to developp new immersive products and activities for humanity and protect biodiversity under the stars.

Mr. Adam England

Northern Arizona Astronomical Consortium

I helped found an astronomy and STEM education organization with these same ideals in mind, to promote all science through astronomy access at all ages and in all communities.

Georges Simard

None / Local amateur astronomy club

Citizen science is already used in several fields of knowledge (ornithology, environmental impacts such as water quality and biodiversity, oceanography,etc.).
With the same global technologies, astronomy can benefit of worldwide amateur observers having different skillsets. With a framework provided by scientific organisations, standardised data format and easy to use equipments, the door to new astronomy is opening and I surely want to be part of it.

Dr. Edward Morrows


Because I believe everyone should have an understanding of the Cosmos and our place in it.

Jasmina Lazendic-Galloway

Monash University / Eindhoven University of Technology

Astronomy and search for life engages people of all ages and backgrounds, and provides ample opportunities to educate and engage people in activities which can bring betterment of our society, as well as contribute to new scientific discoveries.

Mr. Matthew Ryno

Milwaukee Astronomical Society

Regular citizen science contributor, AAVSO member, Unistellar eVscope citizen science contributor, MAS volunteer, Astronomical League member, astrophotographer and overall supporter of citizen science projects and opportunities to advance scientific research and outreach.

Dr. Kendra Sibbernsen

Metropolitan Community College

To involve more under-represented people in the love and science of astronomy.

Tim Russ

Los Angeles Astronomical Society

I love the science of space. The discoveries, and the wonder of space.

Dr. Mamata ben Soni

LIPS RESEARCH European international University-Paris , France

I want aware new generation for the how big this Astronomy and astrophysics field and how much interesting area we have to know and research.

Mrs. Halina Ogrocká

InterComp Business Advisory

I want to support this effort because it is important to make science accessible to the whole population in an understandable way, otherwise unknown is unloved. And of course also to be able to ask the right questions to understand our origins.

Josep M. Trigo-Rodríguez

Institute of Space Sciences (CSIC-IEEC)

I think that it is a good idea to think together about ways to engage astronomy with the public. I'm involved in several initiatives in that regard

Mr. Girts Ozolins

Institute of Solid State Physics, Latvian University

I'm involved in a project related to astronomy. I understand the importance of such initiative for the benefit of humankind.

Dr. Julieta Aguilera


From a scientific visualization perspective, understanding systems and our context at various scales, even within the planet we are part of, is more urgent than ever. This is a literacy that cannot wait or be kicked forward to younger generations that have no political power right now. Science is collaborative and so is survival.

Mr. Kevin Voeller

High School Science Educator

We need to foster the next generation of scientific leaders and promote science understanding to all.

Mr. Kevin Voeller

High School Science Educator

We need to foster the next generation of scientific leaders and promote science understanding to all.

Mr. Wayne Lux

Happily Retired

I feel strongly that everyone should be "looking up", wanting to try to understand where we came from and know how fragile our precious home is!

Hon. Laurie Ansorge

Girl Scout Stars/WASI/Astronomical League life member

Grass-roots crowd-sourced big data is how scientific advances are leading to break throughs across science disciplines, and astronomy not only unites the sciences, but is also inclusive with a place for all from the well-studied to the curious.

Rev. EMMANUEL Yaw Frimpong

Ghana Planetarium

There is the need to educate everyone to understand our earth and Universe. This would help to get a positive attitudinal change towards Climate change etc. I am currently constructing a planetarium (at Sunyani, Ghana) to promote Science and Technology education at the middle and northern section of Ghana.

Mr. Joseph Remis


Laura Parker

General Public

There can always be more education on Astronomy and how the general public can be involved.

Mr. Stephen Price

Full time day job

The opportunity for everyday people to gain access to astronomy and science!!

Mr. Scott Roberts

Explore Scientific

I have devoted the better part of my life towards the goals supported by this project, and I am very interested in doing what I can to bring awareness to it.

Mr. Masaaki Yamato

Eastbay Astronomical Society, Membet

I’d like to see humanity thrive and grow on planet Earth. And this would be a great way for all of us to contribute, work, and act together in harmony for the greater good of us all.


Eastbay Astronomical Society

I like that this New Astronomy initiative has the potential to uplift, inspire and facilitate collective action to work toward making this fragile planet more resilient Earth and to make a more rational world society that will enable everyone to live, thrive, and enjoy life to the fullest. As President Barack Obama used to say, "Fired Up, Ready To Go!".

Dr. William E Kraus

Duke University

Citizen science is not only the wave of the future, but also will bring peoples of all countries together in a common outward looking endeavor.

Mr. Ludovic Lainé


The Call is aligned with the mission of DENEB to elevate knowledge and inspire (creations, vocations…).

Mr. Ludovic Lainé


The Call is aligned with the mission of DENEB to elevate knowledge and inspire (creations, vocations…).

Chris O'Morain

DarkStar Aerospace

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” - Carl Sagan

Astronomy is important because it allows us to see across space and through time. Exploring the vastness of the Universe is a humbling experience as it teaches how small we are, but even though small we are uniquely connected to everything else, so must learn to work together for the greater picture.

David Merritt

County of Cumberland NJ

Steven Hawkins believed in colonization of other worlds most scientists realize the reasoning behind this, The preservation of mankind. We need to understand the universe and all that's out there that could do harm to mankind. The archaeological verification of so many cataclysm hear on earth makes this a necessity to explore and to learn our universe.

Mr. Malcolm Gough


Keep our night skies as dark as possible.

Amanda Grover


Because Astronomy is cool and there needs to be more groups.

Mrs. Lisa Gethard

Citizen Science Association

I am a Citizen Scientist studying Earth Life Science and Space Exploration. I share the "Deep Ocean, Deep Space and its connectivity with Humanities."

Ms. Pallavi Pandit

Citizen enthusiast

To learn more about our delicate and wonderful ecosystem and to support efforts for educating and protecting it for generations to come.

Dr. Samiksha Shukla

CHRIST(Deemed to be University)

My personal interest in astronomy and I am guiding a scholar in astronomy application using ML and quantum computing.

Mr. Himanshu Vaidya

Christ University

I am a supporter and practisioner of Astronomy and Astrophysics. Pursuing Ph.D. in Quantum AI applied to Astrophysics and Space Sciences.

Dr. Jessie Christiansen


The sky belongs to everyone!

Ryan Wyatt

California Academy of Sciences

Diversity and accessibility are critical for any community to thrive, and the cosmos should be welcoming to all.

Max Joshua

Blue Skies Space Ltd.

We need to broaden the impact of astronomy and share the benefits of this incredibly innovative field with a much wider community. I see that the most effective projects in the field are the ones that engage a wider, more diverse community.

Mr. James Rodrigues

Auckland Astronomical Society

I am interested in participating in coordinated group activity in Astronomy and Astrophotography at a global level for a better understanding of the Cosmos.

Mr. David Blanchflower


I support any initiative which will enhance our knowledge of the universe. This looks intriguing.

Mr. Ian Blackwell

Astronomical Society of South Australia

There are forces active in the world today that wish to diminish science in the eyes of the general population. We, as astronomers and space scientists, should do as much as we can to combat ignorance and misinformation.

Neil Yoblonsky


It allows us to have more eyes on the sky. Contribute to citizen science campaigns. Show the public that they can contribute as well with or without telescopic equipment. We all can take talk part in this adventure together.

Mr. Stephen Kajumba

Architects Registration Board

I saw the space shuttle retire. I've seen the rise of space x etal. I subscribe to humans belonging to the universe no just earth. I know the earth is fragile and needs to be protected at all costs. I know history repeats it self and if dinosaurs were wiped out, man can be wiped out.

Mr. Joseph Kochansky

Amateur Astronomer

To spread the awareness that we are all star-stuff


AFA (French Association)

To allow access to new technologies regardless of the country of our birth, our profession, our already acquired knowledge

Mr. Fred Kellerman

6D7 Technologies LLC

Mr. Will Pratt

As a recent Physics and Astronomy master's graduate, I understand the importance of widespread education and awareness in this amazing field, as I would never have found this passion of mine without such outreach. I would love to contribute towards making Astronomy more accessible to those who may share my passion but lack the resources I was lucky enough to have available.

Mr. Hugo Cooper

Because I am attracted to astronomy and science

Mr. Jay Crocker

Understanding our place in the solar system, galaxy, and universe puts our existence into perspective and yet very few people even look up at night. I think it's important for people to have a grasp of who and what and where we are and that's why I'm supporting the call.

Mr. Marcel Körner

Get more children to learn about astronomy and STEM generally

Miss Anushka Sharad

Mr. Barry Wildhagen

I feel called upon as a citizen scientist, a father, a human and inhabitant of planet Earth to support this initiative for the good of our species and planet. To discover, understand, educate and share for generations to come.

Dr. Markus Michael Müller

It has been said that astronomy is a humbling and character-building experience. There is perhaps no better demonstration of the folly of human conceits than this distant image of our tiny world. To me, it underscores our responsibility to deal more kindly with one another, and to preserve and cherish the pale blue dot, the only home we've ever known. - Carl Sagan

Mr. Barry Wildhagen

I feel called upon as a citizen scientist, a father, a human and inhabitant of planet Earth to support this initiative for the good of our species and planet. To discover, understand, educate and share for generations to come.

Mr. Didier Blin

I am supporting the call for a New Astronomy because I support knowledge sharing to a wide audience. I think it is necessary to make discover the sciences and particularly astronomy by the widest possible dissemination of knowledge.

Mr. Pierre Santarelli

I acknowledge the many efforts to increase our knowledge of our near solar system but I believe our first focus should be to ensure we live on a safe Earth. Astronomy is a strong driver to better understand how our planet is managing the impact of our activities on it and help to raise awareness on what we can do better for our sake. Earth will surely overcome a dramatic climate change but we won't for sure. So I am pleased to sign this call for a new astronomy, more accountable and sustainable.

Mr. Michael Primm

Miss Tiffany Martin

Space for all!

Ms. Siobhan Cronin

I believe that focusing our attention on something beyond the horizons of nation states, capitalism, and fear can catalyze a transformative change in how we live, love, and build on planet earth. Excited to participate in this conversation!

Ms. Shannon Case

I believe that learning about space should be accessible to anyone who is interested.

Roy Mitsuoka

Mrs. laugier jean-marie

For a free and clear sky for all

Mr. Aaron Gillmartin

Mr. Michael Primm

Mr. Ethan Teng


Mr. Stefan Will

Antoine Karoubi

“Space is for everybody. It’s not just for a few people in science or math, or for a select group of astronauts. That’s our new frontier out there, and it’s everybody’s business to know about space.”

– Christa McAuliffe.

Gary Hunt

Astronomy was the first recognised science in human history... Astronomy has led the way in the need for the understanding of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and even philosophy. Without astronomy our global society would be intellectually poorer and less developed. Humankind NEEDS to understand astronomy and its worth if we are not to stagnate and become inward looking and intellectually diminished. Now we are faced with a threat to access to the skies themselves because of artificial light pollution at night (ALAN) and satellite light and radio spectrum pollution... If we are to keep our rights to the beauty and wonder of the commons that is the night sky, to understand what our place is in an infinite universe, and if science and technology is to evolve still further, then we ALL need to stand-up and show what is up-there for humanity and to show just what a precious gift we have the privilege to see that we could ALL lose if we do not take action now.

Dany Hilven

Always curious.

Gildardo Bazán

To make more astronomical strides, we need astronomical support and participation.

Stephen Salgaller

Like it or not, we all live on what Dr. Carl Sagan called "the pale blue dot". We cannot rationally hope for a supernatural savior to bail us out of our many issues and problems. Instead, we must band together for the hope and future of humanity. “TO MAKE US AWARE OF EARTH’S VALUE AND FRAGILITY” = Sadly, humans ARE damaging our fragile ecosystem. "Business as usual" means the end of business as usual - or at all. Which is more important: unrestrained capitalism - or a tomorrow where the next generation inherits a world better than we have?

Petri Kuossari

Science gives us a better future. Science connects scientists around the world

Petri Kuossari

Science gives us a better future. Science connects scientists around the world

Jorge G Coelho

We have to be willing to make grand questions in order to illicit the humbleness needed to understand our-self and our collective role in safeguarding life and all forms of intelligence.

Martha Boyadjieva

Hello, I would like to join, this is one challenge, something new and nice. Thank you!

Adam Nott

Stephan Abel

The night sky makes you lowly.

Mia Marshall

I love all things space and would love to contribute to furthering science.

Laëtitia VIE

Bruno Guillet

Citizen scientists can play a vital role in scientific research.
Thanks to the Internet and social media, it is possible now to take part in new discoveries and thus contribute to projects of scientific value. So if you are curious, do not be shy! Degrees are not so important... do not hesitate to ask professional astronomers: they will be happy to help you as you will be happy to help them!
Sharing knowledge is the future of humankind...

Michael Primm

Kristin Sommers

Mark Bremond

I signed this call as I believe everyone should have the opportunity to explore the wonders of the sky and contribute to the advancement of its science

Yiming Hua

Jindrich Vackar

John Pickering

“Without beauty, there is no wonder; without science, no future; without cooperation, no peace. Looking up at the heavens is a touchstone for all humans, which can help bring us together with common purpose in common wonder.”

Masao Shimizu

When I look at the space from the earth, I sometimes find myself looking at the earth from the universe. I believe this is a very important perspective. You have probably seen images of the earth taken by the ISS. It shows a really thin layer of atmosphere. We realize that our home (the Earth) has never had a robust environment. Come on, let's expand the circle of citizen astronomers! And let's save our irreplaceable home (the Earth), which is now in dire straits.

Keiichi Fukui

"The sky is open to everyone. Science is open for everyone."

Tateki Goto

The night sky belongs to everybody, not just for professional astronomers. Participating in astronomy and space science by citizens around the globe, what a wonderful world.

Petri Tikkanen

Mankind has always gone forward to the new adventures. Our newest target is space and science is the ladder we use to climb in there.

Mario Billiani

Astronomy is the oldest science, bringing people together in wonder, for thousands of years. And cooperation is the best way to achieve great things, so what's better than cooperation in astronomy?

Pierre-Michael Micaletti

The stars and the sky are the garden of our dreams. And our dreams are the flower of our imagination.

Justus Randolph

Why? Because everyone is a scientist; some just might not know it yet.

Greg Redfern

We live in a world where citizen science is a new frontier that is bringing professional and citizen scientists together. Astronomy can especially benefit from this collaboration, especially when the worldwide asset of Unistellar telescopes and their owners, can be called upon on in a moment’s notice to conduct planetary defense, exoplanets or asteroids observations.

Scott Kardel

The night sky is part of the heritage shared by all of humanity. Modern civilization increasingly cuts us off from this heritage but by increasing access to astronomy we can bring the stars back to humanity in a way that promotes equity, fosters imaginations, and opens new windows to our universe.

Francesco De Marchis

Vaprio d'Adda, Italy

Charles-Antoine Sibille

Brussels, Belgium

Urgent action needed





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